These beautiful boxes are made for the birdwatcher, or the person lucky enough to have a great view, but don’t like having their binoculars sitting out. These boxes can be mounted to the wall next to your favorite viewing spot keeping you're binoculars within easy reach.

As you open the door the first thing you’ll notice is that part of the side is actually part of the door. This unique feature provides for easy removal and placement of your binoculars. Next you’ll see that it is lined with cork for protection from jarring. A little less obvious is the bottom. It is wedge shaped to help prevent you're binoculars from falling out.

The hinges are top quality. Made from heavy-duty, extruded brass, these hinges will give you many years of great performance. The knobs are also made of solid brass (except for the black cast steel ones on the fir boxes).

These boxes easily mount to the wall using two screws and the keyhole slots on the back.

Right now I have these boxes in two sizes, however, I would be glad to do a custom one if these don’t fit your needs.

Above details showing Cork lining and Wedge-shaped bottom
Craftsman Style Oak B-BoxFir Binocular BoxBirdseye Maple Binocular Box SM
Birdseye Maple Binocular Box LG